Dr. Dana Anderson, Living Greens Salads Founder, Chairman and CEO

Dana is an innovation & leadership expert with a passion for creating positive change in the world. He has a doctorate in investment theory and is the lead inventor (holding 4 patents and 8 pending) on the Living Greens Air Grown Salad system. For the last seven years he has focused on researching and developing agricultural investment.


Raymond Chang, Living Greens, Board of Directors

Raymond is a serial entrepreneur and the managing director of NXT Ventures, he is an early-staged investment fund based in Boston. He is also a Lecturer in the Practice of Entrepreneurship at the Yale School of Management, and an Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship at Babson College.


Charlie Bridge, Living Greens, Board of Directors

Charlie is responsible for the oversight of WAVE’s finance and administrative activities, information technology and financial reporting to the Limited Partners. Charlie has over ten years of experience in private equity finance and administration. He currently serves on the boards of international spin-off companies of an ecotourism business and understands how best to propagate businesses across new markets. He is a member of WAVE’s Investment Committee.


Ben Eastep, Living Greens, Board of Directors

Ben has more than 20 years of real estate experience including development, new construction, rehab, and management. He has experience in start-ups along with partnerships with private and public entities.


Ken Sourbeck, Farm Manager and Treasurer

Ken brings 31 years of professional business experience to Living Greens in the capacity of sales, sales management, strategic planning, partnership development and marketing. He has experience with startup companies and large domestic and international organizations.


Dr. Art Davis, Food Safety Protocol Consultant

Davis has 20 years of experience in food safety protocol for fresh produce packaging and distribution.


Dr. Randal Hauptmann, CSO

Randal is the Chief Science Officer at Living Greens, specializing in plant physiology, biochemistry and biotechnology. He has 30 years of Academic and commercial experience in vegetable genetics, production and processing. His recent focus is centered on value added products such as bagged salads, healthy snacking, fruits and fruit juices. During the development of new products, he set business plans for both processing and research in all sectors.


Rennah Kayali-Lund, Grower

Rennah is passionate about working with local and sustainable food markets. She holds a Bachelor's in Horticulture Business and has experience growing a variety of hydroponic crops.


Matt Johnson, Grower

With a degree in Plant Science, Matt first began developing expertise with hydroponic lettuce at the University of Minnesota’s Plant Growth Facilities. Seeing the need and potential for alternative agricultural methods, he has become a skilled indoor farmer. At Living Greens, he strives to deliver fresh, local produce through sustainable practices.


Kent Buell, Corporate Chef

Kent is an award-winning executive chef whose passion for farm to fork ignited after meeting chef, author and food activist Alice Waters. For two decades he has sought the freshest & finest ingredients nationwide and mentored next-gen chefs; all while driving large-scale kitchens, cafes and restaurants to create sustainably & locally grown, seasonal meals and menus.


Jamie Kenealy, Food Safety Manager

Jamie has a Bachelor’s in food science. In addition, she is a preventative controls qualified individual and holds certifications in good manufacturing practices, HACCP, sanitation and internal auditing. She is passionate about food safety and is experienced in quality assurance and quality control with ready-to-eat foods.